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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coconut Barfi

1. Grinded Coconut - 1kg
2. Sugar - 750gms
3. Mawa/Khoya(dried thickened milk) - 500gms

In frying pan roast the grinded coconut. Roast till all the moisture is dried(Be careful that the cononut should not become red).
Add sugar and heat it while continuously stirring.
When the sugar liquidifies add grinded mawa and stir it continuously.
After about 15-20 min of continuous stirring check if the paste is still sticky. To test whether it is ready to set, with wet hands take some paste and try to make balls of it. If the balls do not stick in your hand the barfi is ready now.
turn the gas off and put the barfi paste in a greased square plate with high edges.
Let the barfi set properly till it gets cooled.
Cut into square pieces and serve.

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